How to help?

You can support us by getting involved as a member to our association or by making a donation. All funds will be directed to development projects. 

Award winner

Our efforts to build 'Green Village' concept have already been rewarded with Tri Hita Karana recognition from Jembrana regional government. We continue to work closely together with both official and traditional leaders.


Youth in focus
Our goal is to help villagers developing their skills and networks for prosperous future in villages also for their young ones. This can be achieved by profitable farming, ecotourism and related services provided by local people.


Latest project

Our latest efforts are related to preserving and enhancing local village culture and traditional farming despite of climate change challenges. ​

Years of work to teach villagers to keep their environment 'plastic free' is now getting also government support. 

In following year Friends of Bali  as a NGO will also make effort to get recycling more efficient and organized

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