Balin ystävät -Friends of Bali ry is a small, non-profit NGO based in Mikkeli, Finland. Association was established for collecting donation money to help small Balinese Munduk Jati community in Pendem, Jembrana in it's developing efforts in 2010.  


Main aim of Balin Ystävät -Friends of Bali is to support Balinese traditional village life by giving professional advise in envinronmental and financial issues, and take part in villagers own, small development projects for better future.


Balinese 'Primus Motor' in planning and executing activities is Ida Bagus Komang Suteja, who has been the key person to work also together with local authorities, spiritual leaders and traditional village leaders.

Friends of Bali has got significant support and recognition for it's work from local government. Tri Hita Karana -reward was granted by Jembrana region to Evervisio Oy and Balin Ystävät -Friends of Bali ry for their Green Village- developing efforts in 2014.

Fund raising events in Finland and cooperation with Evervisio Oy- Umasari Resort together with Balinese authorities and traditional leaders has made it possible to develop village infrastructure in full scale. 


Mikkeli, Finland

Pendem, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia

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