'Everything started in 2009, when I first time visited with Ida Bagus Suteja in this beautiful Munduk Jati community in Pendem village of  Jembrana region. People were shy, hiding behind banana bushes, smiling and giggling when they saw a blond woman for the first time in their life. There was no electricity, I saw only few permanent houses I was told, that poor farmers were struggling to survive with every year worsening crops of rice. They tried to get their living bu cultivating land once belonged to their ancestors, now owned by some strangers. I wanted to help these people any way I could. After discussing our possibilities with Bagus, we ended up planning with founder members

' Green Village' - concept'

Virpi Pakarinen, Chairman of Balin ystävät- Friends of Bali ry



would be protected and enhanced traditions to cherish Balinese sustainable way of life.

New Skills

would make people  become less dependent on diminishing crops and market prices.


for youth would help them to earn living in their home village instead of moving to cities.


would be valued and  taken care of properly, and protected against man-made damaging.

So far...


Activities started in 2010 by helping with donated money to build basic toilets and renovate family homes in Munduk Jati community in Pendem village. Most of the houses in the village did not have access to running water or electricity in the beginning.

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Donations and cooperation with Umasari Resort made it possible to get electricity to every house in Munduk Jati cmmunity in 2010. With donated material by Umasari, the community built village road for everyone to use, and it's still maintained by traditional Gotong Royong- work. Umasari also provides free Wifi for village people in staff premises.



Recykling project started with village children in 2011 by collecting rubbish around Umasari Villas and village road on Sundays. Later on, also government have made efforts to get all the plasctic away from nature, and is building now recykling centrers in villages. Trash Hero - campaign has started in 2018,  also making cleaning efforts on nearby beaches and other public areas. 



While building Umasari Resort, villagers were working under professional supervision and learned new skills in building, gardening and villa maintenance. After completing villa building, villagers have been learning different skills needed to work as a house staff for guests. 



Together with Umasari Resort and donated funds it has been possible to support local Jegog Gamelan with perforing outfis and better training facilities. Jegog and dancers have bee also invited to perform for guests in different occations, and villa guests have been invited to take part in Balinese seremonies.

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Umasari Resort provides 5 ares of rice paddy for village farming to keep traditional landscape protected on villa area, and support traditional farming activities. Village guests can visit farmer's homes to taste and buy  their products, such as coffee, vanilla, spices and fruit. 

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